32 bit Trisquel on my X60

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se unió: 11/25/2019

Managed to get my hands on a Lenovo X60 - and what a delight it is to use - I've even installed Libreboot and it goes like a rocket!

One nagging question is whats the future for 32 bit platforms of Trisquel?

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se unió: 07/24/2010

Trisquel 9 has packages and ISOs for x686: http://jenkins.trisquel.info/makeiso-etiona/iso/

I do not know whether future plans exist.

se unió: 11/25/2019

Yeah I was happy to see 9 having x86 ISO download. I'm hoping there will be support for a few years yet. I hear some people saying they are glad to see some distros drop x86 support.

se unió: 05/01/2018

If future Trisquel development takes too long, it is possible that when a "new" Trisquel version is released, the LTS period of corresponding Ubuntu LTS has already ended.

Even if Trisquel 9 can be released immediately, it's already more than 2 years later. This means that Trisquel 9 would have less than 3 years of support, which cancels much of the LTS advantage.

Therefore I don't care much about Trisquel's future plan (as long as it still stick to Ubuntu LTS as the base, which is not a wise choice in my opinion). When I want to use i686 version on 32-bit computer, I just download a Debian testing's CD image.

se unió: 09/13/2010

Please don't suggest people to use distros that don't follow the GNU FSDG. In terms of development time why not help or at least try to be more supportive in other ways? This seems very much like "Trisquel releases take time. We might as well give up on it and go elsewhere", which doesn't seem helpful for the Trisquel project.

se unió: 01/12/2017

I agree that Trisquel takes a long time to release a stable version, I'd like to help to accelerate this.

In the other hand, it's very good that with a few volunteers, the Trisquel team can produce a 100% free as in freedom fsf approved distro.

I've been distro hopping for some time but I always return to Trisquel since it has all I need. A fully free stable distro.

In other posts you mention the disadvantages of LTS (particularly Trisquel) but in my experience I have not seen much difference in packages availability. Trisquel gives you a stable working environment (testing and development in my case) that I can rely. I remember wanting bleeding edge when all I did was desktop rising. Are there any examples you can mention for why you need bleeding edge?

se unió: 08/26/2015

In my opinion, the newest releases of any distro just offer new software support which I have seen is mostly solved by just finding those newer packages and installing them. Installing Guix also helps with this while also protecting your freedom. However, I do wonder if you care at all about your freedom? Ask yourself what made you decide to use Trisquel in the first place. Perhaps you forgot?

Recently, I decided to "Triquelize" my touchbar macbook pro that I was gifted and noticed that Trisquel would not boot on it, so I installed Ubuntu Mate and was reminded all over again why I dislike these non-free systems. Theres this push for being connected to some shackling cloud or some disrespecting service.

I have to ask of the forums on how I can defeat UEFI actually.