Are laser printers suitable for gnulinux?

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se unió: 09/08/2014

I read a suggestion getting a laser printer, because ink can be used infrequently. I read that samsung ml-1520 mono laser has gnulinux software. Are all ml serie printers gnulinux comparable? Other brands? Are there gnulinux laser printers that can print infrequently? Small as possible. Lowpriced as possible. Second hand. Mono laser or color.


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se unió: 04/09/2014

I'm unfamiliar with these printer models personally, but you may be able to find more information here:

There are many printers listed that work well with GNU/Linux and free software, hope that helps!

se unió: 02/28/2014

I've got an HP laserjet at my home (it's not quite mine admittedly), works great with Trisquel (and it prints out such beautiful things!)

No idea about that particular exact model you're asking about though.

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The lower end laser printers that work with current versions of Trisquel are not freedom respecting and I'd suggest avoiding them. I did spot a color HP laser printer that is coming out that should be low-priced and work with probably the next release of Trisquel. Right now it doesn't work with any GNU/Linux distribution though... so not a good choice yet. As far as b/w laser they're still cheaper than the color laser ones.