Basic instructions to report a bug

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se unió: 08/18/2020

The "report a bug" link in the documentation directly arrives on the Gitlab.

To me, this is lacking some explanations like:
- that one needs to request an acccount if one does not have one yet
- which project to select

I'd love to help but for the project to select, I don't have much clue. I noticed that most bug reports are on the project "package-helpers", which I find extremely strange because these "helpers" seem to be about script for importing and compiling software while most of these reports are not about scripts but about actual things not working on an installed Trisquel system.

Is "package-helpers" the place to put all reports for things not working in Trisquel?

This time, I made a report there but I have been scratching my head more than once and all the time I have spent wondering where to make a report, I have not spent it to actually make a report.

se unió: 09/13/2010

> Is "package-helpers" the place to put all reports for things not working in Trisquel?

If there is any implication of involvement with the package helper, that could be considered reasonable, as it sometimes occurs. For instance, see There's also another one called trisquel-packages. I highly doubt that anyone will create a fuss about it if you somehow select the "wrong" one.


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I am a translator!

se unió: 07/15/2009

I'll try to expand on the projects descriptions, so they are better known what they contain and what they are for :)

As for requiring an account, well that's a hard yes, otherwise we'll be spending all the time we have cleaning spam and not working on the projects.

Like Jason said, there is no problem if you miss the "correct" place, they can be moved to the best matching place, some issues might have different angles and will require to ponder on them even on the developer side of things.

se unió: 05/28/2022

Are there no tracking system (or more generaly "git" system) that doesn't require JavaScript?
Being usable without JavaScript is a basic accessibility principle I learned nearly 25 years ago.
I know the trend is in useless destructive JavaScript for more then a decade, but healthy accessible web-interfaces (for what ever use) should be the default, no matter the trends.
I use TOR and do not want to compromise my privacy in any way, JavaScript is a risk of compromising privacy, so, besides that accessibility principle, it also concern privacy.
Privacy is a good motivation to be engaged in the libre software movement, so putting aside people considering their privacy is problematic.
I don't even understand that this website is perfectly accessible without JavaScript but for bug-tracking (and moreover code commitment), JavaScript is required while there should have never ever be such thing as requiring JavaScript, this language is meant to ease the use of a website, not rendering unusable without it.