bypass uk school censorship

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se unió: 12/05/2014

at the school i go to many websites
close anything to do with vpns or bypassing censorship
the tor project
any website with the word "game" in it(such as this one)
and weirdly my website(no idea why..?)
many others..

are blocked

and as this is highly annoying (and in my opinion wrong) i am trying to bypass it

i have tried tor and this dose not work for some reason..

i am currently trying to ssh into one of my servers so i can run lynx
and access the site that way
but it keeps failing to connect(yes i port forwarded the ssh server at port 22)
and i think the reason for this is in order to connect to the network i need to configure some proxy settings
as i do when i use icecat on the network.

but i do not know how to configure ssh's proxy settings
dose anyone know how to configure the proxy settings of ssh to use the system proxy settings?
or another good way of bypassing censorship?

the os i am using is trisquel 7 Gnu/Linux on a x200

se unió: 12/05/2014

sorry if this is a bit off topic but as i am using trisquel while doing this i felt it relevant


I am a translator!

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well, there is an option that pops up when you first launch Tor that asks you if the network you are on is censored, firewalled or whatever.

Did you try to check "yes" and see if Tor sets its self up properly as to take care of your issue?

Just an idea..

se unió: 12/05/2014

i did try this with no success..
i also tried the tor firefox plugin(with icecat)
and this installed but failed to bypass anything

maby you just cant use tor with a proxy?

se unió: 12/10/2013

Use Tor Browser with the "meek" pluggable transport. This is very hard to block as it uses Google, Amazon, or Microsoft servers.

se unió: 12/30/2014

If you can SSH into the server from your home network, then the school network probably blocks outgoing traffic on port 22. Try running SSH on port 80 or (more hopeful) 443 if you can. If you already have a web server using those ports, you can use another server as a tunnel if you have one. It's possible your school filters out traffic on those ports without HTTP headers. You could nmap the network and look for other open ports, but they might not like that. :)

What are your Icecat proxy settings and why do you need them? You can use SSH over a proxy with `ssh user@host -o "ProxyCommand=nc -X connect -x proxyhost:proxyport %h %p"`.

The only way I found to use SSH on my school network was to use web KVM to one Unix server and then SSH from there. OVH has web KVM but it needs non-free JavaScript. Some other hosts have web KVM or VNC on ports other than 80. Those won't work if your school blocks those ports.

P.S. elinks > lynx

se unió: 12/05/2014

thanks for the reply i will try changing the port to 80

"P.S. elinks > lynx"

but you can also run x11 programs via ssh
so i could use icecat!

se unió: 08/13/2014

When accessing remote servers (not in the same LAN) the latency is usually so high that remote graphical programms are unusable.

I recommend setting up a VPS server in your server and route all of your traffic through it when you are in school. If a plain VPN connection doesn't work because it is blocked, try tunneling the VPN connection through httptunnel.

However, bear in mind that you may have problems with school authorities if they discover you are bypassing the filter. Consider the risks and benefits before bypassing the filter.

se unió: 05/18/2013

Maybe you could try setting up a VPN on your home network and connecting to that from school?

I haven't tried this tutorial, but it may be useful.

se unió: 12/10/2013

Use the Tor Browser with the "meek" pluggable transport. This works perfectly for me at school.