Can someone create a vagrant box or a docker base image with trisquel ?

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to learn webdev and I was happy before to use virtualbox with a trisquel glamp and parabola. But today virtualbox is gone so can someone do a nice tutorial for trisquel and parabola for :

- Create a glamp with kvm and vagrant or
- Create a glamp with docker and trisquel as a base image or

I know that's not an urgent problem because we can use xampp for example. But I always wanted to do a fully free environment for webdev, with parabola as a host and trisquel as a glamp.

So if someone has infos or can do a tutorial or a base image for docker or a vagrant box with a kvm provider that will be awesome.

Thanks in advance.

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"But today virtualbox is gone"

4.1 is still libre software someone just needs to make a fork of it

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This is a very board request. You can find tutorials on almost any software package with a search engine, and you can and should consult the software documentation. Don't ask other people to do all the work for you. It's fine to ask for help with specific problems that you weren't able to solve after a serious effort.

You can install Trisquel and KVM in a virtual machine like you would install them directly. You do not need a premade image, use the installation disk images. Make sure to take snapshots (with the virtual machine shut down) one just after installation (you can also reuse this snapshot as your “image” for other virtual machines), and another after configuring remote access through SSH. By doing this, you can easily revert to the clean installation if necessary much faster than reinstalling the system. With QEMU (the hypervisor for KVM), you can use the qcow2 format to be able to take snapshots, or put the virtual machine storage (virtual hard disk) in a LVM logical volume (in the host system, of course) and use LVM to handle snapshots. Using qcow2, you can even put your snapshots in a read only file and have several separate read and write qcow2 files (one for each of your virtual machines derived from those snapshots) which will only store the difference from the shared snapshot. For more details, use a search engine and the documentation.

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Hello, of course i did research but I am on parabola and I cannot make kvm work , it is very complicated. I dont ask for things like a spoiled child, it's just a good idea for trisquel to have a base image in docker hub and vagrant box, it is good communication.

There is documentation but I am not a virtualizer specialist and also there is litle examples for centos and other distros.

Thanks anyway.


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You can create your own trisquel docker images using the following scripts:

Adapted from the ones for official ubuntu images.