Cross platform backup solution

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se unió: 11/25/2019

Before coming across to Triskel (KDE Plasma) i386 I used to use DejaDup on Ubuntu to automate backing up - I used it for backup and restoring files in the past - simple and reliable

I'm looking for a GPL backup solution with the ease of use and configuration of DejaDup that caters for not only GNU/Linux but also Windows 10. I would like to avoid using one solution for Windows and one Linux.

For security reasons I want to avoid involving 3rd parties like Google, Amazon and other big tech "cloud" solutions

se unió: 05/01/2018

There are numerous free/libre backup solution for just GNU/Linux. However, the best backup solution for Losedows is to run Losedows under a hypervisor and use the snap function of virtual machines.

se unió: 08/25/2020

I only tried with the command line based ones, but from my recollections windows and gnu/linux don't work well together with trying to back up in both while in a dual boot setup. Perhaps, the windows chkdsk removed a file because it contained a ? in the filename. Windows VM also refused to start up after switching to a new computer. Using a usb external hard drive could help prevent some big tech "cloud" surveillance and/or other possible annoyances.