Dangerous food filler

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Alice Wilton
se unió: 03/17/2023

Doctor Eric Berg explains the dangers of maltodextrin, a filler found in many food products.
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Maltodextrin causes belly fat, diabetes and gut inflammation.

Alice Wilton
se unió: 03/17/2023

Soda drinks are dangerous.
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Some people worship soda.
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More about soda.
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A series of 6 videos from doctor Berg on sugar:

se unió: 04/23/2015

It's a shame that we have to learn so much to be able to keep ourselves relatively healthy making sure we read all food ingredient labels.

I've been avoiding corn syrup for years but according to that first video maltodextrin, dextrin and glucose syrup are aliases for the same thing. I guess in Europe it's also referred to as isoglucose or glucose-fructose syrup.

I thought sweet potato pie would be a less guilty treat for my sweet tooth but you can't hardly find a pie that doesn't contain corn syrup. It may be in a lot of breads too.

I drink a coca-cola a year or less mostly for nostalgia as I used to love it. Now it's kombucha, carrot juice and things like that.

I made some changes years ago when my place of employment gave us all a book called "Eat Right for Life," by Ann G Kulze, MD. But after a while it's easy to forget things. Thanks for the links. I got out that book and will review.

Alice Wilton
se unió: 03/17/2023

Doctor Berg has a list of healthy and unhealthy food.
Surprisingly, apples are considered unhealthy. Today I had my first avocado. The taste is just... eww. Gross.

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Alice Wilton
se unió: 03/17/2023

The source of all diseases.
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Lower the blood sugar.
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Alice Wilton
se unió: 03/17/2023

A 3 and a half hours long video explaining sugar's impact on your health.
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Long story short - sugar is poison, it's addictive and the food industry is adding sugar to many products to keep you addicted.
Fructose is toxic to a human body and high amounts of glucose will cause severe autoimmune diseases.

I've borrowed different pieces of information about healthy diet from archive.org and put them all in one place: