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se unió: 02/16/2014

I just read about Trisquel yesterday and it sounded exactly like what I wanted so I installed it today. I was looking for a distro that would be similar to Windows as it is for my daughter and she and computers don't get along very well. I wanted to keep it as similar to Windows as possible so she would have a bit less of a learning curve. However, after installing it and rebooting, I have no toolbar/taskbar on my desktop and no access to the programs or to see if it is connected wirelessly. The toolbar was there until I rebooted.

Appreciate any help.

se unió: 04/13/2013

ssdclickofdeath posted this solution: "If your panel disappears, press Alt+F2, then type 'gnome-panel' without the quotes, then press 'Run'."

It has happened to me too. I'm not sure why unfortunately.


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se unió: 11/20/2012

Try removing the file "~/.config/dconf/user".