Enigmail does not ask to automatically decrypt

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se unió: 02/18/2016

After a fresh install (trisquel 7) I can't get enigmail to automatically decrypt, i.e. I have to enter the pass phrase every time. Before the fresh install, I had ticked a box asking it to do so. That box isn't presented anymore.

I have had this issue before and solved it, but I can't find the answers that led me to. I have of course searched on the enigmail forum, but - probably due to my lack of knowledge - I can't find useful answers.

I would appreciate help on this issue.

Trisquel 7.0
Icedove 38.8.0
Enigmail 1.9.7



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se unió: 10/31/2014

First see if those are installed: gnome-keyring pinentry-gnome3

If that alone does not work then try this ->