Error message when trying to launch GNU Emacs 24 (Terminal)

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se unió: 12/18/2017

When I installed the Emacs program I got two new icons in the "start menu"; The GNU Emacs 24 (GUI) and the GNU Emacs 24 (Terminal).

Now the GUI one works fine, but when trying to launch the Terminal one I get this error message:

Could not launch 'GNU Emacs 24 (Terminal)'

Failed to execute child process "xterm" (no such file or directory"

se unió: 12/23/2014

You can try install xterm,
or you can try run whatever terminal first and then run "emacs -nw" in it.


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se unió: 07/07/2017

> Failed to execute child process "xterm" (no such file or directory"

The desktop file is trying to launch it in xterm for some reason. Either
install xterm

$ sudo apt install xterm

or open your preferred terminal emulator and launch Emacs from there.

se unió: 12/18/2017


Oh, so that's what that meant!:) thank you for the explanation.

Ty wildcoderwang and MB also :)

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se unió: 07/24/2010

You can change the command of the launcher to:
mate-terminal -x emacs -nw
or (if, like me, you use GNOME Terminal):
gnome-terminal -x emacs -nw

That said, unless you have serious troubles (like I had with Trisquel 7's X server, which was not properly supporting the Kaby Lake graphics, for some applications), I do not really see any reason not to use Emacs with its GTK interface... and run M-x shell in it. ;-)