Free software distribution(s) suitable for school education.

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se unió: 10/12/2014

The state government in my locality has decided to include free software as part of education curriculum in government schools. But I recently came to know that the Operating System used by the government schools are a fork of Edubuntu GNU/Linux.

Edubuntu GNU/Linux contains binary blobs for the Linux kernel and comes preinstalled with Mozilla Firefox and Open Office Software suite, both rejected by GNU Project. (The fork is based on Edubuntu 10.04; So you should not be surprised.)

The following free software programs are *ESSENTIAL* and should preferably be available on a default/fresh install.

[1] GNU Image Manipulation Program aka GIMP and Inkscape.
[2] Sunclock
[3] Gedit
[4] Kalzium and RasMol
[5] GeoGebra
[6] Marble
[7] Kstars and Stallarium
[8] recordMyDesktop
[9] Audacity/WinFF/VLC Media Player (or any other free music player program.)
[10] OpenShot Video Editor
[11] GCompris
[12] QGIS
[13] Python programing IDLE preferably with wxGlade GUI designer.
[14] Tupi
[15] KompoZer
[16] kTechLab
[17] Libre Office Suite
[18] A free software web browser, preferably based on Mozilla Firefox.

I learned that Trisquel On A Sugar Toast too is based on Ubuntu 10.04.

Is it a good option? Any other suggestions apart from that?

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Yea. You should tell your representatives, or whoever sets up the computers.
Oh, and smack them a few times for using such outdated software!
Add TuxType to that list.

se unió: 10/12/2014

Oh, I forgot to add Tux paint to the above list.

And yes, most software in that distribution are old. They should have taken a bit more care to include Libre office instead of open office suit and a decent free replacement for the Mozilla Firefox.

But that said, mostly these are political decisions; We should let them know that they are supporting the so called "Open Source" camp, ignoring the ethical obligation of a government to promote free software among kids to be citizens of a strong, capable, independent and free society.

This post is a milestone for me; Any suggestion you are posting here will never be going to dumb-ears, I swear. They will be mailed to the concerned department/ministry.

This is the website of the specific government project:

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TOAST isn't based on Ubuntu 10.04, where'd you get that idea? Just like the other Trisquel 7 editions, it's based on Ubuntu 14.04. That's a 4 year difference!


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What about using standard Trisquel 7 and adding the listed programs,
if they aren't already present? I think you can even make a special
live dvd with your additions.
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se unió: 12/05/2014

i don’t see why you could not just use Trisquel

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i don’t see why you could not just use Trisquel

Well, Trisquel GNU/Linux was the first name that came to my mind as it is a full fledged project and always come handy.

But if any free software enthusiast/community has previously worked on similar project then won't it be easy to customize it according to the need?


I found SUGAR is aimed primarily at preschool and elementary grades; In our case the students are teenagers, so I am afraid it won't suit them. UberStudent which was a good bet, unfortunately comes with officially licensed proprietary software and so with Edubuntu GNU/Linux. DoudouLinux does not have an office suite or flash support.

So aren't there any real options other than Trisquel GNU/Linux or any other general purpose free software distributions?

se unió: 05/30/2012

Just Trisquel, regular Trisquel, is fine. You don't need anything special for a general teenage audience. Maybe install GNOME Shell if you really want to.

se unió: 12/05/2014

it also depends what computers your using
do you have the computers ranging in specification?

do they all have at least 1GB of ram?
if they have less then trisquel mini
or regular trisquel with something like icewm or mate/xfce would be good


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se unió: 10/31/2014

I understand french a little but have no idea if this uses just the main repo by default. In the screenshot I see the flash spyware icon..
But tis' so cute :P