want to do fundraising?

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se unió: 09/08/2014

It turns out has no fundraising
set up.
No one responded on this email
People here who wants to participate in
fundraising in favor of

Or do you know a compilation of websites which
could be interested in being contacted and
asked to spend money for the

We could set up a website where people could
suggest websites to contact about donating
to the The website could
display suggestions on potential donors.
Which potential donors have been contacted when.
What funds have been received from whom.


se unió: 12/05/2013

How about supporting some of the people working on freedombox:

You can also send money to people who are not yet on liberapay...

se unió: 09/08/2014

> You can also send money to people who are not yet on liberapay...

My suggestion is creating a group of people who wants to gather money on
behalf of

se unió: 05/14/2015

Before we start giving them money, has anyone checked whether FreedomBox is 100% free code? According to the FAQ on the FreedomBone website:

"Freedombone only supports Free Software. FreedomBox includes some closed binary boot blobs for certain ARM boards"

I believe YUNOHost is also 100% free code, although I could be wrong. I imagine the folks developing both FreedomBone and YUNOHost would find your donations just as useful as those involved in the FreedomBox project.

se unió: 05/14/2015

BTW I mention these two alternatives because they are also self-hosting distros, like FreedomBox.

From the YUNOHost website:
"YunoHost is entirely a free software project. The philosophy of self-hosting is, to us, incompatible with any other model of software development."

If FreedomBone and YUNOHost are 100% libre, it would be good to see both on the list of FSF-approved distros. On that topic, I note that searching for Trisquel in the FSD yields no results. It would be good to have a page on each FSF-approved distro in the FSD, even if it's just a stub explaining that distros can't be listed because they're not apps/ packages, with a link to the endorsement page.

se unió: 09/08/2014

> whether FreedomBox is 100% free code?

I shold have mentioned this issue. The freedombox software is
libre software. Unlike about x86 you cannot make one iso
which will run on all arm computers. My understanding
is, if you download a freedombox image, which is named free,
the entire software is libre software. has
decided to also provide images for raspberry pi
computers. And those images are non libre.

If that is beyond what you can accept, then you cannot be part
of raising funds on behalf of

If providing non libre freedombox images is
the same as endorsing non libre software, then I once
again have infringed on this forum's rules and the
forum's administrator can delete my post.