The Governance Structure here is....

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Fri, 10/23/2015 - 05:28

t3g said:

We've been begging Ruben to release a Trisquel 7.1 ISO with the vivid backport stack, but it has gone upon deaf ears. That is to be expected though and we may never see a much needed ISO refresh.

-This is interesting.

Is Ruben the only one here to decide the release of Trisquel distro?

What is the exact governance structure here?

Inspired by a post suggesting to release Trisquel 7.1, I do think we can make our progress and steps, without waiting for Ubuntu 's progress.

Although I am not a coder, but I could contribute in some other ways (there are many non-coding aspects to help).

Showing ways to the community to contribute is vital. (sending email to Ruben seems the only way?)

And as I see it, Trisquel is promising since it may be one of the very few GNU/Linux distributions that focuses on free software and privacy and users rights. So many of the community members may not be professional programmers and may help out to improve the users' rights and so such non-coding work.

Do you guys agree with what I am saying?

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> Showing ways to the community to contribute is vital. (sending email to
> Ruben seems the only way?)

Trisquel is a small project. Most of the actual 'development' work (not that
there's much of that, since we just grab the free packages from select Ubuntu
releases and the security updates too, is mostly done by Ruben.

This is what comes of small projects. Trisquel is not Debian, and cannot be
expected to behave as such, since it is basically the brainchild of one person.

I don't know. We could have more transparent operating procedures- I have no
idea how the current ones work, which to me is quite telling.

If you want to contribute to the community as a non-coder, edit wiki pages.
Write guides. That sort of thing. The documentation desperately needs expansion.

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Watch out for old information! :)

Anyone can sign up for an account at and work on Trisquel. The Helper programs to generate ISOs can also be found there. Here is one person selected at random who has been doing things:

Here's another person that worked on Trisquel:
Jenkins is an automated build system for the Trisquel build farm. Notice that, as a result of their work, Jenkins automatically took the stuff and compiled it using the Trisquel build farm.

Ruben is working full time at the Free Software Foundation these days but things have opened up a great deal and he is not a blocking factor anymore.

If people want to see a 7.1 ISO, get busy doing a git clone and work on one. Submit a merge request. Discuss and fix any issues or problems that are brought up with the merge request. So it's entirely on the community and not fair to blame one single person I think. Which people are willing to step up? :)

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I am willing to help, with editing Wiki Pages, Graphic designing and Translation. (:

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