How do you manage your router devices?

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Jorah Dawson
se unió: 12/13/2020

I was a happy user of a LibreCMC router, but unfortunately some months ago my DSL ISP decided to close and offered me a fiber connection as an alternative. They would install two machines, an ONT and a very restricted router.
Due to I live in the countryside that's the only corporation that could supply "wire internet".

I was reading the possibility of replacing their devices for LibreCMC ones but sadly, as far as I know, it's imposible.

As a consecuence nowadays, the lesser evil I use is a LibreCMC 4g router with a SIM inside it.
I know, more than enough, the SIM card runs a closed source OS based on Java but I reject using two entirely closed source devices instead.

So, I ask you, what router devices do you use? How do you manage your internet connections?
What alternatives do you suggest?


se unió: 08/18/2020

Although I only recently heard of, they are apparently the oldest public ISP that exists in the country where I live.

They don't provide a routeur to their customers, it is up to each customer to bring her own routeur, provided it has the required network features. They don't deploy fiber themselves but can offer internet access over fiber deployed by someone else (they have contracts covering certain areas).

Their VPN service is available to anyone in France (I suppose one could access it from anywhere in the world but I am not sure they can legally provide it to someone whose billing address is elsewhere), it allows to have a fixed IPv4 address and IPv6 prefix without filtering, so any server/p2p service should work fine.

I don't know if you can find something similar where you live, the people from FDN might also know about similar non-profit elsewhere, you could even ask them.

Magic Banana

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se unió: 07/24/2010

There is in fact a whole federation of ISPs around FDN:

They are only attending France, Belgium and Switzerland though. There are some other ISPs sharing the same ideals in Europe and lists them.

Jorah Dawson
se unió: 12/13/2020

Thanks for your responses and your time, mates.

It's a pity none of those companies work in my area.
At least, there are alternatives growing.


se unió: 04/23/2015

In my setup, the ISP's modem is combined with a router that has ethernet ports and WiFi as well. I was able to turn the WiFi off. I hooked up my own WiFi router to one of the ethernet ports. At least that way, the devices I have that hook up to my WiFi and my home networks parameters are shielded from my ISP's modem/router's view.