How to enable in Abrowser: 60 fps , 1080p and other options

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type in status bar:


Than type in search box:

media.mediasource.enabled and double to "false" until will change into "true"

Than refresh Abrowser.

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If you value freedom (your AND mine) don't do it.

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I know about EME and why is bad. But What is the relationship of MSE with EME? Does this option also enable EME?

se unió: 05/30/2012

Media Source Extensions is not the same as Encrypted Media Extensions. It can be used for digital restrictions, but as far as I understand, it's primarily used for other things. I don't know what YouTube uses it for.

In any case, it is proprietary JavaScript code which YouTube is using to access the MSE API, so that's a problem on its own. There's also the problem that the software is being automatically installed into your browser:

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As I understand, YouTube uses the Media Source Extensions API to change video and audio quality/resolutions during playback. For example, a given YouTube video comes in several audio-only and video-only files, like this:

  • Video:
    • 1920x1080, video/mp4
    • 1920x1080, video/webm (VP9)
    • 1280x720, video/mp4
    • 1280x720, video/webm (VP9)
    • 854x480, video/mp4
    • 854x480, video/webm (VP9)
    • 640x360, video/mp4
    • 640x360, video/webm (VP9)
  • Audio:
    • audio/mp4
    • audio/webm (Vorbis)
    • audio/webm (Opus)

The YouTube scripts choose one video-only file and one audio-only for download and plays them together in sync. When you switch a video from/to full screen the video-only file changes, but the audio stays the same.

The video-only file probably changes during other circumstances too, like when the Internet connection isn't fast enough, but I'm not sure.

YouTube also has typical audio+video files witch work without the MSE API. But for some reason they don't offer audio+video files which are above 1280x720 (720p) in resolution. The 1280x720 is the highest quality without the MSE API.

Browser like Firefox/Abrowser might come with MSE capabilities disabled by default, because their MSE implementation is still in a experimental stage.

I hope that was useful info! ;)


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MSE != EME, however in YouTube's case the Javascript code that they use MSE with is of course non-free.