How to install Atril and Engrampa without the whole MATE desktop environment?

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se unió: 12/19/2013

I'm using XFCE in Trisquel Belenos, installed via netinstall as I don't like to have multiple desktop environments installed.

But every new version of GNOME applications (such as GEdit, Evince...) get farther and farther away from the standards of other desktop environments. I mean that extra menu that normally is placed on the GNOME Shell top panel but in XFCE it forms an extra space in the application window.

When I look for the MATE apps in Trisquel repository I see it includes only the 'mate' package itself. Is there a way to install the applications individually (engrampa, atril, pluma)? Or I should add the MATE official repository to do so?

davidnotcoulthard (no verificado)

Add their official repo.