How to install Libreboot on unsupported device? And I need free firmwares for ALL my hardware.

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I want to completely free my laptop. I hate proprietary programs. I didn't want to see any proprietary program on my laptop.
But my laptop is SAMSUNG RV508. And I can't find Libreboot for my laptop.
I need firmware for hard drive and for all hardware, that have firmwares.
Are there any free firmware for HDD and USB Flash Storage? How to port Libreboot to my laptop?

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I can't buy Minifree laptop now.
I have bad blocks on my hard drive. How to do with this? I can't sell my laptop without rewriting ALL DATA using /dev/zero and installing FreeDOS (it was preinstalled).
P. S. Are there free HDD/camera/etc firmwares on laptops from Minifree? Or I need to buy different hardware, not full laptop?

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Thinkpad X200 have camera.
I can buy something hardware and use only free firmwares? I need to have a list of hardware and buy this hardware, when I will be have enough money.


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X200 has 2 proprietary firmware: EC (embedded controller) and the hard drive.

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Are there any Minifree/other laptop with fully free firmwares. I need a camera/microphone for free (as in freedom) telephony. If it is enough USB ports, I can buy other camera and remove embedded.
Shortly, I need a laptop with fully free software & firnwares.
If only SSD have free firmwares, I need to switch from HDD to SSD.

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I need FULLY FREE firmwares. I need to buy Chromebook ARM, then replace HDD with SSD? And I can install Trisquel GNU/Linux to ARM?
I think, if I have money, and list of free hardware for upgrade, I can buy it. Freedom is better than convenience.

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The hardware is SECRET? Why we cannot create this hardware with free firmwares? Are there any projects for cameras, EC and other bad firmware replacements?
FSF says anything about other firmwares (not BIOS)? Or it is not interest for FSF?
I will be need to create project "Free Computer", but I cannot develop firmwares. Where I can find developers?

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> The hardware is SECRET? Why we cannot create this hardware with free firmwares?

Because we don't have the capability to make our own processors and other low-level hardware. Manufacturing this hardware requires investment in very expensive factories. The most we can realistically do right now is take what the massive companies responsible for manufacturing the basic components offer and use the best components we can in our computers. Even that is quite expensive, but at least it's something we can manage to do.

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And where I can find developers?

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I can't earn 2900 USD. I will be try… maybe.
P. S. I found free BIOS implementation — SeaBIOS. I can flash this or I give "brick"? I can't find support list.


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I have to agree with the others who have posted in this thread, Minifree (or Libiquity) laptops are the absolute most free laptops you can currently buy. They're expensive, but since you seem to be so passionate about rejecting any and all forms of proprietary firmware/software/etc it looks like your options are to save up and spend the cash, or go without computing all together.

I was lucky enough to find a x200 with libreboot installed on eBay and only paid about $100(US), so if you keep an eye out you may be able to find a deal as well. That being said, buying third-party doesn't benefit the libreboot developers or Minifree at all..