I talked about free software and digital security in schools.

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se unió: 05/31/2017

In Estonia we have a such programme like "Back to the school". Different specialists come to school and talk about different stuff about his/her profession. I do this volunteer job for 2 years. Usually I speak about perspectives about career in computer science. This time I talked to children about digital and personal data security. Interest was so great, that teacher and children requested additional time.

Interesting that people even don't know anything about how corporations like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. snoop on their action in the web and computer/phone. How social networks collect and process the all data. Also talked about GNU/Linux operating systems and free software, most of them even don't know that this systems even exists and gives users freedom.

If we talk more, so more people will know about free software. I strongly recommend to try something like that, it is truly good experience. Personally me continue to make such lectures this year.

se unió: 12/22/2016

I hope some free software activists come to Vietnam and give such lectures. People here desperately need it.

se unió: 05/14/2015

Hi khanh_duong, I'm currently spending some time in China, and my wife and I are keen to visit Vietname at some point. I would be happy to give some talks in English about software freedom, digital rights, and so on. Feel free to message me privately about organising this.

se unió: 02/29/2016

Well done, xdknight!
Kudos for you and people like you!



se unió: 03/23/2018

Great to hear you do this and that those people were so interested :)

I also made the experience that many people have barely heard about free software alternatives, no matter of what kind. The belief that one simply has to live with the habits of Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on seems to be very widely spread.

Maybe we should also make clear that nowadays GNU/Linux can be very user-friendly and one doesn't need to have more than average computer skills to handle it.