If you're looking for a Trisquel compatible desktop machine...

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se unió: 09/08/2013

I've got Trisquel 7 running perfectly on a Dell Precision Workstation 390. No extra blobs required and yes, I've submitted it to h-node. Other than adding a new SATA DVD drive and an SSD primary HD, it's default hardware.
Intel Core 2 Duo 64bit
NVIDIA Quadro 2000
I've also had Trisquel 6 running on this machine without issue.

I picked this machine up (complete with 20" widescreen monitor, mouse and keyboard) off amazon for £70. Not suggesting such a good deal awaits everyone, but, there are plenty of these machines for sale and absolutely shed loads of spare parts also easily available. Prices are pretty attractive.

Just thought I'd let you know...

se unió: 05/30/2012

Why? All you're doing is advertising for Dell. And Amazon. Anyone who really wants to go through the hassle of buying stuff that happens to work from uncooperative and hostile companies can look on h-node. Same goes for those looking for second-hand computers that will work OK.

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All I'm doing is helping people who are looking for a platform that works with libre-software.
Dell are to be praised for releasing such hardware, even if it was done unknowingly. They might not be the most ideal Corporation and I think I've made it fairly clear in other posts what my attitude towards Corporations is, but if they get encouraged they might do more. Sneering at them won't help, neither will passing an appeal-less verdict.
As for Amazon, yes, they're vile, but it's where I bought the machine from. Some folks sellf stuff second hand on Amazon and there're deals to be had. Amazon make pennies from such deals - not quite the same as the stuff they sell new.

se unió: 05/30/2012

Take a look at h-node; *all* companies selling huge amounts of computers have a small selection of computers that work almost perfectly with libre software. Heck, I think you're talking about desktop computers, aren't you? If you don't need wireless for your desktop computer, which is a common case, it's very easy to find a desktop computer that will work well (the only requirement is for it to have Intel integrated graphics; all other potential problems, like ethernet ports that require nonfree firmware, are uncommon).

Dell doesn't deserve to be "praised" for accidentally doing something that, statistically, was guaranteed to happen several times. It's like "praising" a factory that doesn't pay any attention to its pollution emissions that one day it produces little pollution due to the circumstances of what it was doing.

If you want companies that sell computers to stop selling us hardware that depends on proprietary software, you have to support companies that actively make sure the hardware they sell to us works with libre software. That's Think Penguin, not Dell.

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Also, I think Dell is one of the companies that intentionally attacks freedom by restricting what wireless cards can be used in the computers they sell.

se unió: 04/16/2013

I have a Dell Latitude 6430u that I use to run Trisquel, and was able to buy an Atheros card from ThinkPenguin and install it just fine, so it wasn't the case for me.

se unió: 09/14/2012

I just want to add the information that you can also get Free Software compatible computers from LibreTrend. We at LibreTrend are dedicated to only promote Free Software as much as possible and nothing else.

But yes the point is still present, if you want to support Free Software you should buy from a Free Software company like ThinkPenguin or us LibreTrend. Buying from Dell, HP, Asus etc.. even if the hardware itself is fully supported by Trisquel, which only give the idea to those companies that you are supporting their hardware as it is and not for the purpose that you are trying to reach, which is Free Software.

se unió: 07/05/2014

Provided they can sell you the machine free of a proprietary operating system then it is not so bad, that said I'm pretty sure that they have little to no knowledge of support for fully Free operating systems.

That said it is a great start for a product list in terms of building a home machine yourself. If you can still get a Core 2 system then it is a real win. I have a home built machine that is very close to what you have listed (Geforce 560ti instead) so it is possible still.

Best bet however is try to support companies that will at the very least respect the user rather than just try to give a great deal.

davidnotcoulthard (no verificado)

To be fair it's not that difficult to look for Libre-software-compatible desktop machines.

se unió: 06/02/2012

Make sure your keyboard wasn't in one of NSA's warehouse.

se unió: 07/05/2014

And yet again I am not surprised yet very concerned with just how deep the NSA's fear of people goes.

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One of the 4 of five machines are all Trisquel Machines, all are clone desktop, that I Assembled from different computers parts:

1- The Mother-Board is:
Asus P8B75\M-LE

2- Memory:

2x8=16GB DDR3-Transcend (Excellent life time warranty, made in Taiwan).

3- The processor is:

Intel-I5-3570, LGA-1155 SOCKET.

4- The Video Card is:

GeForce 8400GS, 1GB PCI Express 2.0 Video Card for GNU/Linux, the one that Think Penguin sells.

4a- The video card performs flawless. I tested all the video ports and they work nicely.

4b- Currently, I got it connected to my Samsung 32 LDE INCH VGA port and it rocks with the colors.

5- The WIFI

It is a Penguin Wireless N PCI Card for GNU / Linux v5

This WIFI has an EXCELLENT range, the only upgrade, I did was to replace, the 2dbi antennas for a 7 DBI. It connects awesome. and has an excellent gain, through A Steel deck Ceiling of 8 inches thick, 6,000 PSI of pour armed concrete; lace and welded,with 1 inch STEEL bars, Plus Electrical wiring, plumbing and LAN,-CAT-6, RG-6 Coax, and Telephone cables.

6- The hard drive is:

I got it partition (200GB) to run Devian for TCP/IP6 tunneling. Only for testing IP6, I'm supporting Devian IP6 Testing Group.

7- Additional:
Two PCie Nick Cards made by TP LINK, TG-3269, 1000MPS.

The Kicker is: that Use those cards, to run a IP-fire from my internal compact 4gb flash cards adapter.

My multiple adapter is a generic, USB 2.0 SD / Compact Flash / MMC / MS/MS Pro Memory Card Reader made in Taiwan.

8- For CD-Rom, I use an external Sony 16x DVD+R DOUBLE LAYER CD with 8.5 cache. They don't make them any more. Sony DRX-720UL, I bought it in 2006 and it is Open source. Trisquel does recognize the drivers.

If I could mount a rocket on this computer let it be.. LOL

My other 3 machines are basically the same Motherboard and memory; except for the processor; It could be, ONE Intel-G2020, Intel-G2030, one I3-3210,1155 socket, those machines have no video cards, I'm using their processor as video for default. Except they have each, one WIFI card made by TP-LINK, they work on Trisquel as long they are Open source and it is listed in their web site as such. Lucky for me.

My last machine, BASICALLY IS THE same as the I3 that I use for trisquel, it is my wife's choice and that is FINDOWS 7 ultimate CRAP. Except that one has an NVIDEA card.

I'm planning to build me an I-7 1155 SOCKET, JUST SHORT OF CHANGE at this moment other pressing and important priorities are taking place in our house.

se unió: 03/18/2012

Build your own desktop using parts that are known to work with GNU/Linux (specifically libre).

For instance I run Trisquel 6 on my Intel 2500k Sandybridge desktop with a ASUS motherboard and misc components. It's connected via ethernet so wifi isn't an issue.