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Dropped in on LibrePlanet late Saturday night and the second half of Sunday. It was great to see the talks and chat live with fellow free software fans, not only on IRC as the talks happened, but even by voice via the LibreAdventure virtual space.

I was inspired to finally stop booting Trisquel from a USB stick and at long last (blush ahem) actually install it on my main computer. (Pretty sure I've installed it on some other older PCs too long ago but anyway.)

I do still have my prior daily-driver (non-FSF recommended) distro on there, but the two get along nicely.

Step by step!

Started with Apple, then ChromeOS, then Windows (a PC bought with the intention of wiping Windows from it)..

then trying to dual boot Windows and various distros.

then just one distro, no Windows, but with WINE/PlayOnLinux and various DOS/Windows apps

then just that other distro but with only "Linux" apps, no WINE or any DOS/Windows apps.

then I'd boot Trisquel from a stick sometimes.

And now I have Trisquel installed.

Way too slow and I bet many of you just jumped into the deep end of the pool and dunked your head under the water, but I'm still glad I've come this far.

Next step: migrating to a better email provider than my legacy email account from Big Tech. Still mulling whether to go with KolabNow and if so whether to get a custom domain that doesn't sound so odd.

Will I be able to go free software ONLY? Ditch that other distro? We'll see!


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