It's over, Bill Gates switches to Android :D

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se unió: 10/01/2017

Next, Microsoft will be based on Linux and will be fully free.

se unió: 10/12/2014

Wind blows phones are dead and abandoned; Micro $$$!'s phone division will no longer be developing new hardware. Win blobs 10 would only receive maintenance releases and patches from now on.

So its game over for its users (or loosers?). Come on, lets party!

But keep in mind that Android is NOT certainly a better option.
1. Google have already made a lion's share of its app(lication)s proprietary, distributed over Google Play Store.
2. Starting from Android version 7.0, Google has enforced Verified Boot policy, making it difficult to load modified versions of Android OS.

Of course, the list is not complete. We should support free software projects like Replicant, who are devoting their efforts and resources for the advancement of user freedom in mobile devices.

se unió: 12/31/2012

If they ever publish an entire system distribution that is free/libre,
and evaluated for compliance with the GNU Free System Distribution
Guidelines (GNU FSDG) and so get's listed in the page about free/libre
distros at, then I don't see this a bad thing.

However, currently this is unlickely to happen.

It's also important to note that the GNU FSDG goes beyond the released

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> Next, Microsoft will be based on Linux and will be fully free.

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There is nothing noteworthy here.

Microsoft is more than Bill Gates, and it will continue producing proprietary software.

Moreover, there is not anything noteworthy with Android. It makes no difference that it uses Linux (the kernel). It just yet another proprietary system. People pay for computer-phones with Android but they do not have any control over them, the developer company does. It is effectively, as if they were rented.