Jami / zoom issues

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karsten harazim
se unió: 09/16/2022

hi out there,
any explanations or does anyone else experience aswell that abrowser fails to enter zoom calls and jami fails to send messages and/or start calls/videocalls even though the contact appears allready?
maybe some firewall settings in trisquel to be altered?
help appreciated and have a great day,

se unió: 08/18/2020

> abrowser fails to enter zoom calls

I am not sure why exactly. One explanation could be that abrowser has removed a number of DRM functions from firefox and perhaps zoom expects them to be there.

>jami fails to send messages and/or start calls/videocalls even though the contact appears allready

I don't use jami so much but I periodically try (and I am currently in one of those periods).

Sometimes I have calls rejected straight away, in that case, retrying won't help, some time is needed for something to happen in the network that I don't really have a clue about. Are your contacts using a PC or a mobile phone? Overall, mobile phones tend to have more problems with jami.

For calls/video calls, I use jitsi regularly and it works well for a small group in video (5-6). I use a jitsi instance (server running on a machine) on a cheap VPS that I pay for (running debian) but it should work with public instances, such as the ones selected by https://framatalk.org/abc/ (interface should be in English, sometimes in French but probably usable as not that much to understand).

If you make a call between 2 people, it is peer-to-peer by default so it should not matter so much if the jitsi instance is far from you. With more people, it matters. I haven't tried installing jitsi on trisquel, that is on my todo list (installation on debian works, and it is straightforward).

Jitsi doesn't allow to "ring" someone but you could "ring" the person by sending the link to the session by whatever service (xmpp, email, deltachat, whatever).

EDIT: In case you use jami from trisquel repositories, follow instruction from jami website to add the jami repository.

I advise only sticking to trisquel repositories with jami as the only exception (it is evolving too much to use trisquel version and I consider it reasonable to trust a GNU project).

se unió: 11/28/2021

Sometimes Jami doesn't work if the two people are using incompatible versions (One older one Newer). You can add the Jami PPA repository, to get the latest version, You can also install GNU Guix as a supplementary package manager and get it from there.

I remember that when I updated jami to the swarm update, My friend was no longer able to send me messages until they updated as well.

se unió: 12/20/2021

Is normaly Zoom dont work how you want, becouse is nonfree software, software that make slaves, and not users. I recommend you use free software replacement as Jitsi Meet, and XMPP.

se unió: 05/20/2022

For such needs, I have been using Jitsi Meet on abrowser for a while. This page has a list of unaffiliated Jitsi Meet instances, run independently from the Jitsi project:

> Is normaly Zoom dont work how you want, becouse is nonfree software

There is no reason to let users assume that free software is always going to work the way they want, and nonfree software never. It may be the opposite at times, which is not a reason to blame free software but an occasion to contribute and help improve it.

se unió: 12/20/2021

The good thing, is with free software we have freedom to contribute or help to improve a program, or modify it for your individual necessities

se unió: 11/25/2019

I generally dont use Zoom calls due to the propriatory code. If necessary they can provide a dial-in option to join a meeting via voice phone. For meetings I have used Jitsi which workes well and is as convienient.

I have a love/hate relationship with Jami, I love ethics behind it but the performance really lets it down. I have moved to XMPP with OMEMO encryption enabled which although limited in the file sizes you can send, generally works as well as any other messenger and there is a client for iPhone (SiskimIM), Android (Conversations), Windows (Gajim) GNU Linux (Gajim) and Mac (BeagleIM). There are many free XMPP servers you can setup a free account on, I used xmpp.jp

If your feeling rerally adventurous you can use the many guides on the internet to setup your own XMPP server to get full control