JS issues: FAQ dropdowns

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se unió: 06/19/2015

I'm having issues reading FAQs on food product websites.  Sometimes, I
can view the source of the page and dig through all the HTML to find
the text that the dropdown is supposed to reveal, but other times it
just says Javascript:void(1) or whatever.

For example, I can't read the nutrition info for Manischewitz

(I need to know if they use any form of gelatin, like fish gelatin or
the like.)

I also can't read the FAQ on Cambell's site for V8 Juice:

I wanted to see if it was parəv.

Anybody have experiences with this?


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> Javascript:void(1)
> Anybody have experiences with this?

Yes, and it's a pain in the ass. There is no good reason to require JS for basic navigation of a site. Sometimes, unclickable (without JS) links actually take you to another page, which while especially pointless at least makes it possible to find the page you're looking for by guessing the URL or using a search engine. With dropdown menus like these you're usually screwed, though. JS and CAPTCHAs are ruining the web.

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I found that if I email the company and ask them for the ingredients of a product, they'll kindly send me the information, plus they usually send valuable coupons I can print and use in the store if I buy the product.

Plus, in your email, mention that they are making it difficult for consumers to access the important information through their heavy-handed use of JS.


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Sometimes you can find the data you are after by using view-source: before the URL. I found the image posted previously in this thread this way and also these links from the FAQ (more can be found as well):


You can also find questions and answers in the source (e.g. whether the product contains added sugar).