Keepass or KeepassXC?

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se unió: 07/27/2021

Hi im trying to find which is the best option for Trisquel? Some people said that KeepassXC works better in GNU/Linux, but im not sure. Which would be the best to use and what is the correct method to install? Thank you.


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se unió: 08/18/2020

I am using KeepassXC. I did not realize before there was Keepass and KeepassX in Trisquel's repositories so I did not compare and I can only report what I do with it (then you know if that covers what you want to do or not):

- I am using only two databases using a password for each database (actually a list of randomly generated words)

- I am using a keyboard shortcut to fill in login+password on Abrowser from one database. It works on most pages but on a few pages it does not. In that case, one solution is to go to KeepassXC, select an entry and click on a button that fills in both login+password. That also minimizes the KeepassXC window (which I'd prefer it does not but could not find a way to prevent that). In even less cases, it also does not work and there is a button to copy login and another to copy password and I paste them, and that always works.

- It selects the login+password by page title and if there is more than one match it shows a window with a choice. I'd prefer a choice by URL but I did not see how to do that.

- one of my databases is on a Seafile share that I use on my D8 and on my X200 (both Trisquel). Seafile creates a duplicate file if there appears to be a more recent file when trying to synchronize a write, so sometimes I had to check the most recently modified entries, which is easy to do as you can sort entries by modification date.

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I am also using KeePassXC it works for me and my students too.


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Hi Riveri

I use KeepassX for a long time with Trisquel. It seems KeepassX and KeepassXC is the very same interface and when you search for them in the Trisquel software manager, the link is the same for both.

XC should be better with better icons than X. I should have a try.

I can't tell the differences. This is not a software that requires a lot of RAM. The only difference should be in the security, but I think database files are encrypted the same way.

BTW, when you have a database in .kdbx and its password, it seems it will work. I had to convert a .kdb to .kdbx before, but they all use .kdbx now.

Great tool, good choice.

se unió: 03/15/2020

I use KeypassXC myself. No real reason other than that is what I have always used since switching to a password manager. I install it on Trisquel from the Add/Remove software option from the menu.

se unió: 01/01/2018

Another KeepassXC user here; previously used Keepass but had issues with it in the past. Nothing to report with KeepassXC, works well across devices.

se unió: 05/07/2020

If you look here: , keepass is the original version and KeepassX and KeepassXC are forks of keepass.

I use KeepassX because it has a bit more features that I use for my personal experience but Keepass will get the job done for a password manager. The reason for forks is because they have extension for modern browsers and more support for the recent releases but if you start a file on KeepassXC and try to open it on Keepass or keepassX you may run into a few problems.

keepassx here:
keepassxc here:

I would also say Keepass is the most stable and free but some may argue otherwise. I always tell people that Keepass is what some countries have rewarded as the software for personal data security