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This is led by Luke, the EOMA68 guy. I have a lot of respect for him, and hope that this venture is successful, but I would be highly reluctant to contribute any money before the EOMA68 ships, assuming it ever does. So far he has not shown that he can follow through on a project of this scope.

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From that site You linked:


Does Open Hardware Really Work?

A few names come to mind:

Raspberry Pi
Raptor Computing Systems

*quote end*

Term "Open Hardware" or "OSHW" seems to be not well defined and possibly even misleading. Some use it for devices, that have their PCB design files released under a free license, even if chips used on those devices are fully proprietary. Others (the minority?) use it for silicon with actual free HDL design - that's what Libre-SOC seems to be.

Nevertheless, I am unaware of any design files or sources available under a free license, that would make either RPi or Raptor's Talos II "Open Hardware".

Correct me if I missed something