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This is led by Luke, the EOMA68 guy. I have a lot of respect for him, and hope that this venture is successful, but I would be highly reluctant to contribute any money before the EOMA68 ships, assuming it ever does. So far he has not shown that he can follow through on a project of this scope.

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From that site You linked:


Does Open Hardware Really Work?

A few names come to mind:

Raspberry Pi
Raptor Computing Systems

*quote end*

Term "Open Hardware" or "OSHW" seems to be not well defined and possibly even misleading. Some use it for devices, that have their PCB design files released under a free license, even if chips used on those devices are fully proprietary. Others (the minority?) use it for silicon with actual free HDL design - that's what Libre-SOC seems to be.

Nevertheless, I am unaware of any design files or sources available under a free license, that would make either RPi or Raptor's Talos II "Open Hardware".

Correct me if I missed something

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There's people looking into cloning older hardware as a preservation effort. It's really old hardware at this point though.

Amiga Motherboard CAD:

Snark Barker (Soundblaster 1.0 Clone) :

Gigagton TTL based 8-bit Microcomputer:

There's also MiSTer FPGA Cores:

There's also keyboards:

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I am rooting for them and will probably try to donate $5 a month to NLNet who helps fund them. I do find it styrange they list the Raspberry Pi as an example of free hardware when to my knowledge they weren't compatible with FSF approved distros. In any case it's good to have more people working on open source hardware projects.