Libre Tea Computer Card (EOMA68)

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se unió: 06/15/2017

When is the Libre Tea Computer Card available in Europe at Minifree, Technoethical and Vikings?

se unió: 12/30/2015

Definitely better to actually ask Minifree, Technoethical, and Vikings directly, rather than the Trisquel user forum.. If it ever happens it most likely won't happen this year; the EOMA68 was funded on crowdsupply ( and hasn't even been shipped to the ones who funded it. Latest email I got said the funders would get it shipped around November (it was originally expected to ship April this year).
se unió: 07/03/2016

>When is the Libre Tea Computer Card available in Europe at Minifree, Technoethical and Vikings?

As clinsc said, you'd have to contact the respective vendors to know for sure, but I'd be fairly certain none of them are going to offer the cards. Unlike Librebooted Thinkpads, where you can buy (fairly) cheap devices and offer the service of fixing it up, flashing Libreboot, and a few other liberating touches, these computer cards are already for sale liberated. Furthermore, work has *already* commenced on investigating improved computer cards, so (unlike Thinkpads) you're already selling "old hardware" by the time you can obtain a large enough order to even begin competing with Rhombus Tech. Far more reasonable would be offering cases or pre-built laptop houses: for these, at least, it's possible to create something different without having to re-build the whole project from scratch.

>it was originally expected to ship April this year

Wasn't it mid-March? In any case, it's definitely a long wait: that seems to be an unfortunate consequence of this being Round 1.

se unió: 12/30/2015

My email says :

> Libre Tea Computer Card - qty 1

> Originally expected to ship on Apr 20, 2017
> Currently expected to ship on Nov 15, 2017

I think different versions of the card (libre tea, practically perfect, numero uno, etc) might have had different shipping dates originally.

se unió: 09/08/2014

Lkcl manufactures the pc card. You can ask him on the mailing list.


I am a member!

se unió: 07/16/2011

When it's ready.

se unió: 05/30/2012

I don't know if any of those store will be stocking these, but since Think Penguin sponsored the project, I assume they probably will be a major stocker when this is production ready.

That's worth noting, by the way: lkcl's production run is essentially a big prototype run, to make sure the card and housings are production-ready and enable companies (like Think Penguin) to pick it up and sell them with little difficulty and at a low cost. At least, that's how I currently understand it.