Make live USB using live USB?

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After the Trisquel 9 I had installed in dualboot alongside Windows ran into trouble after an update, I made a bootable USB with Trisquel 9 on it using pendrivelinux on Windows. I'd like to make another USB with Trisquel 10 on it, but not use Windows for it. I've looked through the instructions how to make a bootable USB, but fail to see or understand how I can do this with the live USB that has Trisquel 9 on it, so while in 'Try Trisquel GNU/Linux' mode. One has to save the .iso file somewhere, but downloads don't stay around in the live environment once one logs out, it seems. One verifies the download before creating the USB, or after, or both?
It mentioned to do a md5 check on a live USB, to use a command to find the directory. I think mine on this computer is /dev/sdb1. But then I can't figure out what to type to cd into that in order then to check the md5 of the bootable USB with Trisquel 9 on it I have.
Maybe someone here can help me along. I guess one way would be simply to install the Trisquel 9 and then to upgrade to Trisquel 10, but I'm also interested in maybe installing Trisquel mini on an older smaller device once I hopefully can get it going again.

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Here's what worked for me: Download the Trisquel_10 (nabia) .ISO image and then save it to
a data partition on your computer's HDD. Then navigate to Administration/Control Center/
Startup Disk Creator, The Startup Disk Creator window has a place for the source disk image
which you can retrieve by entering the path to the .ISO image that you just saved to a local
HDD. There's another place where you should enter the path to the USB flash drive that's the
target for the new live USB. The live trisquel installlation should take care of the rest of
the creation of the new pure-trisquel_10 live USB.

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Download the Trisquel_10 (nabia) .ISO image and then save it to a data partition on your computer's HDD.

Indeed. If you download the image in a directory of a live system (for instance its Download directory) without persistent storage, the file is actually in main memory. If you do not have much RAM it is a problem. Also, as you noticed, the files are lost after a reboot. RAM is indeed "volatile":

That said, if you have enough RAM and do not reboot, I believe you should be able to create the new live system from the one currently running, using the image stored in RAM.

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I couldn't figure it out, so did made a bootable USB of Trisquel-mini using Windows. Maybe I'll be more successful doing it not using Windows, when I'm not tired.