Mismatch: Trisquel and (you're the) Prey, Pal

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se unió: 02/18/2016

I know there are 'good' reasons for the Trisquel project to use PayPal, but it just seems so inappropriate, considering the idealism behind the project (cough cough freedom cough cough).

I just wrote an email to Ruben, addressing my concern on this matter and suggesting to use Liberapay.

If you have experiences with Liberapay, please tell.

If you agree, please let everyone and the Trisquel team know.

If you have the knowledge or technical skills to help realise it, please let the Trisquel team know.

se unió: 08/18/2016

I personally avoid using Paypal, for one supreme reason, which is political: The Israeli settlers in the internatilally-recognised-to-be-illegal settlements on the West Bank are allowed to use Paypal. Palestinians legally resident in the West Bank, in those areas remaining to them, are not. This discrimination is not acceptable.

se unió: 05/06/2018

I wasn't aware of that. Thank you for the heads-up.


I am a translator!

se unió: 01/11/2011

brashley46, why single out the Palestinians? The same argument could be made regarding the Golan Heights (the Israeli settlers living there can use PayPal whereas the rest of the Syrians living outside of the Golan Heights cannot). I'm guessing it boils down to whether PayPal wishes to deal with the local banks located in those countries and not related to discrimination based on ethnic background.

se unió: 03/04/2018

Any good alternatives? I'm a crypto enthusiast. Still, I'm not sure it is developed enough.

I did not know PayPal was supporting the --- genocide.

se unió: 04/04/2017

Potentially GNU Taler: https://taler.net/en/index.html

se unió: 12/18/2017

Looks interesting, but why is it only for chrome and mozilla?:/

se unió: 05/14/2015

I wrote about all this recently on my blog:

GNU Taler is a great concept, and I hope they can find some banks who will work with them. Until that happens though, it's not an option.

Liberapay is a fork of Gratipay, which was sadly nobbled and destroyed by Safer Spaces Policing. My understanding is that Liberapay was set up as a replacement by some of the people involved in that Safer Spaces Policing, which makes me a little wary of it, but I'm still signed up there. OpenCollective is another similar system, run by some of the people behind Democracy Earth Foundation.

There is also Flattr 2.0, which requires a project to do very little to become eligible for payments (just sign up, enter your domain name, and put some code in the heads of your pages), but TBH I wouldn't expect a lot of revenue from it for a software project. Also Ko-Fi, which is emulating the failed Flattr 1.0 model, and requires a PayPal account.

se unió: 07/20/2017

Potentially Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/

se unió: 12/31/2012

2018-05-14T03:35:19+0200 name at domain wrote:
> Any good alternatives? I'm a crypto enthusiast. Still, I'm not sure it
> is developed enough.

There is also Snowdrift.coop (in construction) which is based on
crowdmatching instead of crowdfunding, and will require results of the
funded work to be free/libre). Besides, the Snowdrift.coop has various
studies, and comparison between Liberapay and others, and there is also
another page that mentions GNU Taler as a nice candidate for usage
instead of one-coin and client-side energy intensive solutions.

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se unió: 05/14/2015

> There is also Snowdrift.coop (in construction)

Snowdrift is a great concept, and the people behind it have great intentions. But it's been in construction for *years*. Don't hold your breath. Liberapay, Open Collective, and Goteo are all providing ways to accomplish essentially the same thing, using only free code on their servers, and you can use them right now.