MyTourbook on trisquel ?

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se unió: 11/19/2014

I would realy like to try mytourbook as I am looking for an alternative to SportTracks but I cant seem to be able to see it in my repositories.
I have Trisquel 7.0, did I miss something here ?
I tried sudo apt-get install mytourbook, that should work right ?

Thank you

Magic Banana

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There is not such a package in Trisquel's repository. Ubuntu (on which Trisquel is based) does not have it either and neither does Debian (on which Ubuntu is based). In fact I doubt there exists a deb package for this application.

You should follow the developers' instructions: ... starting from item 2! Why not from item 1? Because you should actually use the Java Runtime Environment that Trisquel 7 ships in the correct version (7). To do so, install the package named "default-jre". You can do that with 'sudo apt-get install default-jre' but I would advise you the "Synaptic Package Manager" (in the "System Settings"), which is a graphical interface to APT, because you do not seem to know much about package management yet.

Unlike your Java Runtime Environment (if you followed me advices), "MyTourbook" will not be automatically updated through APT because it was not installed within this package management system.

se unió: 11/19/2014

Magic Banana,

Thank you for your answer.

For some reason I thought I had installed it on my previous Ubuntu, nevermind.
I guess my question is : is there a way I can know if MyTourbook respects the free software foundation principles?

See, I moved to Trisquel because I wanted to transition from Ubuntu (Linux with binary blobs and proprietary software)
to Trisquel (completely free and opensource distro with no blobs or proprietary software) and I would like to keep myself from using those blobs and proprietary softwares

I hope it makes sense.
If there is a way for me to know that, I will definitely install Mytourbook as specified in the document you put as a link

se unió: 05/09/2014

At the bottom of their homepage: "MyTourbook is free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL)." So it probably does.

se unió: 03/08/2014

MyTourbook appears to use the GPLv2 as license, which is free/libre software:

se unió: 05/13/2010

One way is to ask the developers, of course sadly this can only be trusted in the negative case (should they say it's non-free).

Besides that you can list the libraries it uses and check whether those are free. So now instead of one problem you have a dozen! And then crawl every file it includes to see if they contain some explicit license or if they're clearly mentioned in some license file.

I guess after a bit of all of above it's pretty safe to assume it's a free program. :)

se unió: 11/19/2014

Thank you all.

I might be picky but I really want to keep the programs I use completely free.

On a side note, who or what decides if a program is in the repositories or not ?

se unió: 05/30/2012

Ultimately the Debian packagers, since Ubuntu derives from Debian and Trisquel derives from Ubuntu. There are a few exceptions, though; IceCat is added on Trisquel's level, for example.

As far as I understand, any program that meets the Debian Free Software Guidelines can be in Debian's main repository as long as someone is willing to maintain it, and anyone can be a Debian package maintainer.