netinstall? possible?

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I would like to install trisquel. But as a lot of internet user, I only have my poor hardware... It is enough to surf on the web. But it can no acrobatic experiments with usb sticks or cds never used the rest of the year. the lens of my usb drive are probably covered with the air of my cat and are not able any more to start an installation from CD.

for this reason I did reinstall this time kubuntu 12.10 from net. marvelous although not really easy (I did reinstall 4 times... the last one, only the base! it was the good decision: from the clean base, it was possible to install more: xorg, jwm, kubuntu full and more and more)... why reinstall a time more?

It does only work (by me at home) with non free software! If I try to uninstall and interchange them with free software only, no real success...

How to do to install Trisquel from net?

or upgrade ubuntu base to an Trisquel base and continue to install more Trisquel only?

what is with AMD64 (the next computer I would install is such one! but my own computer is only an Celeron one)?

what is with language «interlingua» in KDE and Trisquel?

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Installing any edition (NetInstall or not) of Trisquel on a pendrive should not be "acrobatic". I believe your Kubuntu has, like Ubuntu, a "Startup Disk Creator". Just insert a USB disk/pendrive and choose Trisquel's ISO (that you must download first). I guess it should work. Otherwise, there is UNetbootin. You then need to reboot on the live medium you have just created (what may require changing the boot order in the BIOS).

AMD64's processor are perfectly supported. Select a "amd64"'s ISO. Notice that those computers often come with AMD/ATI video cards and their support is far from perfect: no 3D acceleration is possible with the current free drivers/firmware.

Any "language package" can be installed after the installation of any edition of Trisquel. Distributions do not make a difference (either the application was translated or not).


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The AMD64 version of Trisquel is for use with computers that have 64-bit processors, regardless of whether the processor is made by AMD or Intel. The naming scheme is a bit confusing, unfortunately.

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Here's the acrobatics I use from time to time. It is a some-what risky, because you'll overwrite the image it just booted off. Please, have installation media handy just in case. This method however doesn't require the usage of CD's, or USB's. Just a working GNU/Linux system and an internet connection via ethernet card that Trisquel supports.

0. I boot to an already working GNU/Linux system
1. I download the Netinst-CD.
2. I mount the CD image to /mnt/loop.
3. I copy the /mnt/loop/linux to /boot/vmlinuz-new
4. I copy the /mnt/loop/initrd.gz to /boot/initrd.img-new
5. I update-grub.
6. I select the linux-new kernel, which I just copied from the CD image.
7. I install Trisquel. It installs right away from the network just like you'd do with a Netinst-CD.