Ordinary update mangles my profiles.ini settings in Icedove

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se unió: 01/03/2015

Contrary to my usual experience with etiona, where applying an ordinary security update leaves intact my access to the .Icedove
email file on a Data partition, the most recent update modified my panel settings (no more multiple workspaces, etc.) and
obliterated the well established access to a list of saved profiles in the Data partition. This recent update was applied to an
instance of etiona on a different HDD (sdb1 changed by update applied to sda1).
Worse yet, simply copying the install.ini and profiles.ini files from the .Icedove folder in the Data partition to the .Icedove
folder in the home folder of the instance of etiona in sdb1 left the usual select/rename/delete profile folder popup blank with
no opportunity to select my preferred profile.
Somewhere on this forum someone suggested a workaround/subterfuge to defeat this impasse.
Let's have a way of avoiding it altogether.

se unió: 01/03/2015

Trisquel 10 (nabia) opens the same version of .Icedove as has been working for quite some time on Trisquel 9 (etiona)
but copying the install.ini and profiles.ini files from nabia's installation of .Icedove to the recently updated
version of etiona ... or the similar files in a second installation of etiona, also to the present version of etiona
that is rejecting the same version of .Icedove that nabia accepts both elicit the attached complaint.

What to do ?

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Even when they are the same version they are build using different environments (icedove for nabia env is some years newer than etiona env), so it's not a good idea to move things from one version to the other.

Also icedove/thunderbird run a local database to parse and manage the accounts data, you might want to avoid changing installation files among them, or just like messing with a website database in unexpected ways it might end up broken.