Priority free design hardware for free software people

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se unió: 11/20/2016

What kind of hardware device would you like to have? Obviously running entirely free software and with free hardware designs.

Some ideas:

Videogame console
Portable videogame console
Electronic Ink reader
Non tracking smartphone
Wearable computer (watch, glasses, etc)

Personally, I dream about a portable computer device that's able to connect to the internet, make calls without geolocalizing me (maybe using a mesh), with touch screen and running entirely free software.
se unió: 07/03/2016

Personally, I'd like some sort of (low-power) portable server which, as for you, uses a non-geolocalizing network. If it were part of a small PDA-like device with an attached light and e-ink screen... that would be a dream come true. Every computing need I have a laptop cannot satisfy- portable clock, server, on-the-go internet access, and book which you can read in the dark without straining your eyes and trying to wrestle with a badly-postioned booklight- rolled into one. Sigh...