Problems with the keyboard layout.

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se unió: 06/29/2013

Greetings ladies and gentlemen:

I've been trying to change the keyboard layout but I've met some problems:

1- No icon letting me change the keyboard layout have appeared on the tray.

2- Once I've change the layout in System Settings -> Region and language, the effect disapear once I press super + space. The funiest part is that the hotkey does not list what I have in Region and language settings.

3- Problems with dvorak.

Please, help

se unió: 05/09/2014

I submited an issue on this:

It has been also discussed before here:


I am a translator!

se unió: 10/31/2014

system settings - language support - try changing the "keyboard input system" from "ibus" to "none".
That solved my keyboard problems, although they were of a different nature..