On the screen saver, please make the Trisquel logos spin.

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se unió: 09/30/2020

I can't tell you how much I need this. :-)


I am a member!

se unió: 06/19/2015

Oh, my. Hope I'm not drunk when looking at the computer. Make me diZzy!
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se unió: 01/04/2015

In Trisquel_8, at least, there's the option to have your screensaver change periodically from
image-to-image in the /home/[username]/Pictures directory.

You could use GIMP to enlarge & rotate the trisquel logo, say, a tenth of a degree at a time,
capturing each image in order with the Screenshot application, creating 3600 different images
only a tenth of a degree apart. Put those images in the /home/[username]/Pictures directory.

Next, persuade (?) Trisquel_9's screensaver to show each image for only 0.1 second, so
you'll see the trisquel rotate a full 360 degrees in 3.6 seconds.

By using Screenshot and including the pictures' borders the result shouldn't be too jittery.
Be sure to name the images sequentially so you can control the order in which they will appear.

There's a program called xscreensaver available in the trisquel repository which you can get
with sudo apt-get install xscreensaver from the terminal. It allows image changes in the
screensaver at 0.1 second repeat period, but you'll have to figure out how to set up the
presentation of your 3600 images. You're on your own with dealing with the power requirements.