Sound card es8316 and a script I found online

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my laptop has the sound card es8316 but unfortunately there is no sound working on it. I tried Trisquel 8 & 9. I made a research online and found this script:

I checked out the script and the source code as far as I could read it, but I didn't understand it all. It is under the GNU2 license so I would like to try it, but before I do it I would like to get your advice. Is it trustworthy?

Thank you

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On Trisquel 8, the default 4.4 kernel does not support that sound card, but, as far as I understand, the 4.15 kernel (provided by the package linux-image-generic-hwe-8.0) should:
$ grep ES8316 /boot/config-4.4.0-186-generic /boot/config-4.15.0-112-generic

I believe the latter kernel is the one Trisquel 9 ships by default. That is why I am surprised it actually does not work on Trisquel 9.