Stuck by LibreJS ?

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se unió: 10/13/2015

Hi folks, ( I come again)

Recently I have two problems :

-- I have two OSs on my laptop(x86_64bit), one for Trisquel 7.0 + Abrowser; another for Debian + xfce4 + Iceweasel. Both added the LibreJS add-on.

1. I can't visit at all on both systems these days, the browsers remaining "connecting".

2. The Iceweasel on Debian(32bit) was always occupying excessive CPU usage (sometimes higher than 140%).

Today I remove LibreJS from both systems, the above problems disappear. What a relief !

-- So my question is WHY......Could these be bugs..........

Thanks for any idea :)

se unió: 05/23/2014

I installed "No script" add-on to manage js

se unió: 12/31/2012

I rarely visit, mostly because I try to post from the
mailing list instead. This is why I can't see HTML formated text or HTML
formated links[1][2][3], because the mailing list bouncer copies the
forum after the publications have been rendered.

However, during my rare visits, and also IN OTHER SITES, I also have
experienced my web browser (GNU IceCat) freezing and consuming at least
60% of the CPU. The problem seems to go away if you disable the GNU
LibreJS add-on temporarily just for your visit at the site. You don't
need to remove the add-on completely.

My guess is that GNU LibreJS gets overworked when there's lots of
JavaScript code to look up.

It's not a specific problem with the site. Quite the contrary, it
happens with other sites too.

My guess is that it's expected when it comes to JavaScript evaluation.
The more JavaScript a site uses, more is the work that must be done by
GNU LibreJS. So computers can also get overworked, just like us humans. :D

If you ask me what I think, I would say that this is just expected and
that that's fine by me. :D

Side note: I wish the forum software would advise users to put
URIs/addresses without HTML formated text. That would make it easy for
the mailing list subscribers to watch conversations, instead of having
to guess when a comment has a HTML formated URI/address, or even worse:
having to visit the forum every time a comment arrives just to check for
the existence of these links.




[3] Note for [1][2]: See how I, mistakenly, missed the link given by
Calinou, by affirming that "We won't know unless we ask every single one
of them".