Technically, Trisquel 6 now also supports Secure Boot?

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se unió: 05/15/2011

As you may have noticed, Ubuntu 12.04.2 came out the other day with the 3.5 Quantal kernel enabled by default and support for Secure Boot:

Since Trisquel 6 is being released very late and will migrate in those changes, doesn't technically Trisquel now support Secure Boot as well since it is using the code from Ubuntu and the GRUB settings? Is Ruben going to keep it in there or rip it out and replace it?

What are your feelings on this? Is it good thing for those who bought a Windows 8 laptop and want to try out and potentially dual boot with Trisquel? Adding Secure Boot support was kinda necessary by some becuase without it, GNU/Linux systems could potentially be locked out in the future.

se unió: 04/19/2012

> Is Ruben going to keep it in there or rip it out and replace it?

I'm not exactly a fan of UEFI, which seems to be a standard developed in the interests of companies only. But that doesn't keep the user from being any less free either.

A lot of UEFI implementations are proprietary, so of course manufacturers can make it difficult to disable it or add other operating systems. But that's not a fault of UEFI but the implementation itself.

Maybe coreboot itself will be UEFI-compatible in the future!? (we can only speculate on that at the moment - I'm sure the coreboot developers have higher priorities)

Restricted Boot, on the other hand, is another story entirely...