Thinkpads' Trackpoint Drifts

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se unió: 02/02/2021

The trackpoint on my Thinkpads slowly moves by itself. If I leave it alone, it stops, but I don't like the feeling that it keeps shifting a little while I'm moving the trackpoint.
I found out that this is called "drift phenomenon" and is a famous phenomenon among Thinkpad users. I thought it was a physical problem with the trackpoint, but it seems to be a software problem. Lenovo seems to be trying to mitigate/resolve this drift phenomenon by updating the firmware, but it is not drastically resolved.
Why does this happen? Is there a solution?


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se unió: 07/27/2010

I've got a X200s ThinkPad. My mousepointer sometimes drifts too. I always felt like it's a hardware issue? It resolves for me, if I wiggle the track point around a bit, in a circular motion. Sometimes pushing it into the direction it drifts and releasing also helps.

Since my unit is a used one, I always accepted the occasional drift as normal. It is quickly fixed after all.