Is Trisquel documentation available in .pdf format or some other more convenient form?

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On the Trisquel documentation web page I came across the link to
documentation for Trisquel in "printer friendly form". It looks realy
nice and readable in addition to being "printable" here. I was wondering

if anyone might know if the same documentation might be available in
.pdf format? That way I can just put it on a USB flash/thumb drive and
have my local FedEx Kinko's print it out and bind it in hard-copy form
for my perusal. Or maybe perhaps it can be ordered from some third party
service already printed up and bound in hard-copy form? Just
Thank you

Magic Banana

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You can put HTML pages on a thumb drive too. You can download the documentation with 'wget', which can follow links. If you really want PDFs, you can use the PDF printer (by default in Trisquel). There must be a way to call it from a script...

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Most web browsers (including Firefox and derivatives) can save HTML
pages, recursively even.

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"if anyone might know if the same documentation might be available in
.pdf format?"
if your running icecat/abrowser/firefox
you can just use ctrl p to print your current web page as a pdf