Trisquel security certificate has expired; Abrowser told me so

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se unió: 01/04/2015

After laboriously starting a new topic, I tried to review my work, but was met
with a dire warning about security risk; either our dates don't match; or
the Trisquel Certificate has expired.

I'll try to post anyway ...

George Langford

Magic Banana

I am a member!

se unió: 07/24/2010

According to my copy of Abrowser,'s certificate will expire on September 4th.

se unió: 07/17/2013

same thing happened to me for about half an hour in Tor Browser.
I think it was a matter of scheduling that made the new certificate only appear a few minutes after the old one expired. NOthing to worry about.

se unió: 02/09/2013

It was just a Let's Encrypt certificate that didn't get renewed automatically. quidam fixed it.