Trisquel stickers

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se unió: 08/02/2017

Please do you know if is possible to buy some Trisquel stickers? I like to
use to decorate my laptops.
I cannot find in the gift store


I am a translator!

se unió: 07/27/2010

It looks like you'll have to create your own stickers. There are services for creating stickers from a supplied picture.

I'd suggest finding an .svg of the Trisquel logo (it usually is part of every Trisquel installation) and using that as a basis for sticker creation. used to have case-badges with the Trisquel logo on it, which read "powered by Trisquel". They don't have those stickers anymore. But possibly thinkpenguin still has the design for the sticker that can be used together with a Trisquel logo to produce those stickers again?

Even if not, it should be easy enough to replicate it all within Gimp.