ublock can replace other addons?

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se unió: 09/08/2014

I have disconnet facebook, google and twitter addons installed. And the privacy badger addon and google analytics opt-out browser.

Can ublock do all that?
Thank you.


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se unió: 02/01/2011

I use uBlock Origin with Fanboy's Social Blocking List, which is supposed to prevent tracking from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and a bunch of other sites.

The other addons that I use to try to escape from the web surveillance machine (when I'm not using the Tor Browser) are:

HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Settings
Random Agent Spoofer
Self-Destructing Cookies

I don't think there's much overlay or duplication of functionality between all those guys, but if there is, please let me know.

Ker Tris
se unió: 05/27/2016

Hello !

You can replace NoScript, Random Agent Spoofer and Self-Destructing Cookies with uMatrix, no ?

SSleuth = <3

se unió: 12/21/2015

As far as I know, uBlock is a fork of AdBlock, which supposes to be fast, potent, and lean. It just blocks ads.


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se unió: 10/31/2014

Ublock is much much much much much much much more than that. Look for the square "I am an advanced user" and start blocking all third party requests for example (scripts and frames). Then have a read -> https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Dynamic-filtering:-quick-guide

Combined with noscript, with both set up properly, it is really **all** you need. Well, I also use httpseverywhere.

se unió: 01/19/2014

Ublock origin is great, ublock origin is from the original dev., ublock is someone else.

I also (similar to oysterboy) use this plus:
https everywhere
self destruct cookies
user agent switcher