Very favorable review of Trisquel 9 on Distrowatch

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se unió: 02/12/2015

Jesse was really impressed - great job by all the devs:

> "If you are a person who does not use non-free software and doesn't need non-free wireless support, then Trisquel is probably the best experience you can have with an entirely free Linux distribution. It is painless to set up, offers several desktop flavours, and runs quickly. For free software enthusiasts I would highly recommend giving Trisquel a try."

se unió: 09/04/2020

I am not surprised.

This on top of a rather seamless transition from T8.

Congratulations to the devs, again.

se unió: 03/15/2020

Congrats ! I have to agree with the review. I have tried Hyperbola; Parabola; Guix; Pure OS and Uruk yet I always come back to Trisquel for my main system. It's ease of use is second to none.


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se unió: 07/07/2017

> Add/Remove Applications worked quite well for me and I had no problems with it, in fact I quite like the simple, uncluttered interface

After spending pretty much all of my 2019 holidays porting Add/Remove Applications from Gtk2 to Gtk3 and Python 2 to Python 3, this is nice to hear. The alternative would have been to give up on Add/Remove and switch to GNOME Software, but I thought the "simple, uncluttered interface" was an important part of Trisquel's look and feel.

se unió: 01/12/2017

Thanks for working on such an important application. Having a nice and easy to use user interface to install software is very important.

se unió: 06/22/2018

Much appreciated - thank you!

Masaru Suzuqi -under review-
se unió: 06/06/2018

Congra. Haha.