What apps does you use with Replicant OS ?

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se unió: 10/14/2022

I installed Replicant on an old Samsung Tab 2. What apps work well ?

se unió: 08/18/2020

I use the following apps daily, they work well on my S3 and on my note 2:

  • XMPP chat: Conversations. Works very well for chat (occasionally tried a voice call, was working, video not working) but cannot scan QR code.
  • Mastodon: Tusky
  • Web browsing: IceCatMobile, old but I tried several browser and that is the one that works best (which is still not so good), no security update since several years, I use it mostly to access my own machines, got it from F-Droid archive repository. In general, Replicant is not for web browsing.
  • Camera: OpenCamera. Camera regularly stops working but this is not because of the app, it is a general issue.
  • Email: K-9 mail, never any issue
  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and agenda:DAVx, I use it with my radicale server (running on a "Pioneer" freedombox), allows sync with computers/other phone devices
  • Synchronize files: syncthing. Complains at the beginning that it cannot write even when given permission but after a while it works. I use it to sync some files, including keepass database, with my computers.
  • Password manager and 2nd factors using TOTP: KeePassDX, I can open the databases made on a computer, I use copy paste (not terribly secure probably). For TOTP, need to type the secret by hand (not convenient but only when creating the 2nd factor, so acceptable).
  • Read/Send SMS via XMPP: MAXS, with extensions (not relevant without a cellular modem)
  • Images: Simple Gallery Pro

    For maps:

  • Organic maps is unusable (too slow) on all devices I tried with Replicant
  • OsmAnd is too slow on the S3 (not as bad as organic maps), slow but more usable on Note 2.

    I have no GPS firmware, so this is just for browsing maps.

    I use seafile because I run a seafile server, it works well but not offline, so this is not really doing a sync of files (unlike syncthing).

    On my S3, regular voice calls work ok, including with speaker, but not headset (remote party hears a loud high pitch noise). On my note 2, they work well, headset works fine.

    EDIT: I also have a tablet (not galaxy tab 2, a smaller one) running Replicant which has no cellular modem, wifi works with a dongle (but some dongles that work on trisquel don't work). I don't really use it because it doesn't do anything better than a phone.

  • Urbancowboy
    se unió: 10/14/2022

    Thank you !, I got WiFi to work through the OTB cable with ar9271 dongle. I couldn't get Mull to work, but was able to get privacy browser to work. Right now I'm trying to vlc to work. Sounds works , but no video. Koreader works fine, trying to find a good comic book reader.

    se unió: 07/17/2013

    Most Android browser actually rely on the System WebView, which means if your ROM doesn't get regular updates (I think Replicant does not) you will be left open to vulnerabilities. The way around it would be Fennec/Mull or Bromite, which use their own engines and are self-updated.

    For video, you can try MPV and "Just (Video) Player". These are both using different engines from VLC, so maybe you will get lucky. Also, try changing the settings a little. Sometimes deactivating hardware acceleration will solve things, at the cost of speed and battery life.

    se unió: 01/23/2019

    I still didn't install Replicant, but I'm going to do so. I'm sad to read that Organic Maps is too slow on it because I really like it :(