Trisquel often fails to tell the user that updates are available

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Normally, an icon is supposed to be displayed in the notification area telling the user that there are updates available. But this seems to break easily; I have rarely seen this notification.

I'm marking this as "minor" because it's not a particularly good reminder to the users to update in the first place (neither of my parents, who both run trisquel on some of their computers, ever seem to update the system even when it shows), and it's not needed to update the system (just go to the Update Manager from the system settings window).

Sáb, 12/28/2013 - 10:11

Why do you think there are updates if there's no notification? Have you manually often found updates with no notification? How are your update settings, i.e. how often does update man check for updates and when does it display the notification? (in update man settings)

It's a good idea to set security updates to be automatically installed if parents are lazy to do it manually. Perhaps we should write a root cron job for lazy parents that would install all updates automatically, it's silly the GUI dialog does not even provide us with such a possibility, however ill recommended it might be. In the years using Trisquel I've perhaps once or twice had a problem with updates...

Sáb, 12/28/2013 - 22:38

I of course think there are updates because when I open the update manager, I find updates. On my mom's computers, often dozens or hundreds, because she almost never updates the system.

My settings are the default: check daily, display security updates immediately and other updates weekly.