Icons of several programs doesn't appear at system tray

Proyecto:Trisquel mini
Componente:User interface
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Hello. From the first time I have installed Trisquel Mini I never saw the icons of uGet, Transmission and Telegram. Plus, I've installed three times (fresh-install, no home config.) and the result it's always the same.
It's this a normal behaviour or I have to do something that I never did before?
I'm a GNU's user from several years ago (5, 6, 7...?) and it's the first time I'm not able to make appear the icons in systemtray...
Any help, please?

As a note, I have OpenBox installed too and the icons are at its place with Tint2...

Sáb, 11/12/2016 - 06:51

I've tried a few different distros with same result. I think the primary problem, are you using incompatible video hardware with linux? -May require hardware kernel driver update or various software updates... However if you use "high contrast fonts", included as an 'accessibility feature' in some OS'es, I believe, it just may help make all of these programs show up a little better. My own problem is with, primarily x-term, being literally invisible to me with very thin fonts which are themselves in a dark color on a black background. To be fair, I've tried high contrast fonts available on Windows 10, which still NEVER change the default font all across the system, dos screens, power shell, and several 3rd party programs still remain too dark on an Nvidia card and an old CRT. Just try it! ;-) I don't think these files actually become invisible, just that the GUI you are using may have highlighted items (say...yellow), non highlighted items are (light-green) background is Dark Green, or Yellow, and various texts get lost depending on whether they are highlighted, shaded, or not. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say?? Have you ever tried to mess with desktop defaults? It usually doesn't matter what you set them to, one program or another will always give you headaches because their default GUI isn't standardized with the OS settings. Similar to using Firefox on Windows xp--10 one gui (firefox) was designed by a different OS and never completely agrees with Windows settings, also websites always prefer to provide their own backgrounds and fonts encoded in the page, this WILL make many websites appear invisible! Firefox, Chrome, IE, none of them have ever been able to restrict Every website to a single 'color scheme'. Your fonts are not invisible!, they have been set by some programmer to be the same or similar color to the background you are using. This is similar to a problem created when "LOREM IPSUM" texts are used as background space holders on many websites, white on white background.

Sáb, 11/12/2016 - 08:01

I kno reply to my own statement? Preposterous correct? Just validating how many other responses came from other posts on this site. I was not always a champion of black and white fonts (or white on black- but BOLD)! I don't particularly prefer them but when Balabolka is the only program that can tell you what's hidden on your screen, you may be in serious trouble...;-)

Mar, 09/24/2019 - 10:48

I've installed Trisquel again, not Trisquel Mini, and it happens the same. No news about that issue? No one has solve the problem?