Volume is locked along with the computer!

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Cannot turn down volume or mute when computer is locked.

I understand that if this is a public machine it may not be wise to enable stop, next, play or volume control if someone gains access to the keyboard, so perhaps I should ask to only allow a permanent small % of volume change from the original setting, and temporary (5 minute) mute/unmute/big volume change. Perhaps allow full control if the logged in user indicates it is not a public console...

Mar, 10/04/2016 - 00:36

The restriction may have something to do with multiple users, but the sound is still playing when it gets locked. Perhaps I may have to also ask to allow sound from only one of the users (probably the last) when it is locked, so that the media keys can control only that user's player (and that user's sound settings) - sound alerts for the previous users may not work then.... so perhaps allow six seconds of sound from the other users if those accounts begin to play sounds.

Perhaps I should have called the issue "sound volume" rather than "volume" (not disk!).