caja-owncloud package does not seem to work

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I'm running Trisquel etiona 9 with Mate Desktop. I installed the ownCloud client and caja-owncloud from the command line. Owncloud-Cliente it seems to work, but the caja-owncloud extension that makes the integration of the owncloud-client with the caja does not work.

On another separate computer with plasma kde triskel the dolphin and dolphin-owncloud works normally according to the images.

I already tried to install these packages and the corresponding one for nautilus on trisquel mate but it didn't work either. I even cleaned the hidden folders and nothing.

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Lun, 01/17/2022 - 14:34
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Etiona is not getting fixes on packages outside the upstream's main repository at this mature stage.

FWIW, starting with trisquel 10, the nextcloud-desktop package tracks the latest release on the backports repository.