Failure to recognize Display Type Damages Trisquel's Suspend

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Hello, Trisquel community. I just discovered Trisquel GNU/Linux OS, and I love it, except for a minor but nevertheless serious problem with the waking up from the suspend mode. I've done some testing and discovered that the source of the problem most likely is within the libraries that maintain the Display-monitor database. I've documented this extensively on Unix-stackexchange.

I believe there could be a quick fix to this, providing we can fall back to "X windows" Xorg.conf file, by setting Display parameters manually. With the help of xrandr command we should in time be able to identify most of the display monitors and build a database not unlike the old-fashioned Xorg.conf file with the Device sections defined in it.

Unfortunately, I lack the detailed knowledge, how this can be accomplished on contemporary Linux platforms. Nevertheless, I do believe, that I managed to define the problem sufficiently well, that communities honouring FSF guidelines, should soon be able to eliminate this proprietary nuisance:)

Vie, 01/08/2021 - 11:59

I am trying to find the best way to engage in a technical discussion of a more complex problem, that I believe could be solved by the community of users themselves. My original post under issues, dubbed Failure to recognize Display Type Damages Trisquel's Suspend was my first attempt, my second attempt was on Unix-stackexchange, and my third attempt where I'm still trying to find a way to explain my problem in order to get help from #xorg Freenode IRC channel is explained here at Trisquel again under issues which I called How to solve Graphic card configuration problems on Trisquel GNU/Linux. Of course I would much rather have it all in one place, however the input format restrictions in all these different media channels, make it very hard for a novice to be able to efficiently expose their project agendas and goals. Hopefully, in time and with help of hyper-links to all these different places people that are familiar with these issues will notice that resolving these issues may be beneficial not only to a few extreme cases but generally to entire entire FSF community.

If you have similar kind of problems please do check out my more precise explanation and description of the monitor wake up problem at the time your computer exits the suspend/hibernate state here on our Trisquel forum in my post called How to solve Graphic card configuration problems on Trisquel GNU/Linux.

Mié, 01/19/2022 - 02:09
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