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hello team trisquel GNU/linux

the lock screen doesnt work on my laptop.

i was downloading over 30,000 emails and closed the lid. the machine then crashed as i was unable to SYSrq (alt+prt_sc+B) keyboard command.

i dont know if i was running synaptic, but i was around the time it happened

i am currently learning how to volunteer for the h-node.org project, but off the top of my head, my hardware is HP pavilion G6.

i am considering of paying for a LiFT IT associate course, and i wish to follow the lead of trisquel developers on which trisquel GNU/linux i should use before the TUX30 sale ends. i need to set up a lab!!!!

thank you.

Jue, 01/20/2022 - 10:50
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Is this still something that happens on your installation?
Please share more details.